Beware Noni Juice


Although Noni Juice is very beneficial for us, because it is the effective medicine for various health challenges. But there are still critics about some serious side effects of Noni Juice.

It has high sugar level

One side effect of Noni Juice is that it can cause people to go into diabetic shock. Noni has like any other major fruit juice, high in sugar. That is the simply chemical makeup of a fruit. Before consuming Noni Juice Diabetics have to watch their sugar intakes carefully. Diabetes becomes a problematic health condition when the patient wants to eat whatever he wishes, but he has to follow doctors recommended diet. Sometimes, Noni Juice becomes a big problem for sugar patient.

It becomes Problematic for Liver patient
According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, the chemical which noni contains is become worse for liver disease. There are some cases found in European countries of liver problem due to noni juice. One liver patient has recover after discontinue the Noni Juice.

Harmful for kidney Patient
Noni juice contains more potassium, so it will increase problem for a kidney diseases because noni juice will increase amount of potassium in the blood. Excess blood potassium can cause fatigue, weakness, nausea, vomiting and unexplained tingling or numb sensations problem and it also may cause for serious negative effects like irregular heart rhythm, difficulty breathing and paralysis. If the level of potassium will go high then it will lead to life-threatening complications.

Some other side effects
After numbers of investigation for noni juice side effects many people get some side effects such as headaches, gastric problem, coughing, bloating, heavy periods, difficulty in breathing, joint pain, foul smelling urine, rashes and acne like that. The people who have some allergic problem to noni juice it has been noted that after consuming noni juice they are facing more cough problem and breathing problem. A research statistic show that less than one percent of people had an allergic reaction to Noni juice and two percent of people had side effects like belching and gas, nausea and vomiting, but these effects were gone within a period of 24 hours.

Noni juice may also cause constipation if you are consuming in too much quantity. But according to the research studies it may happen by any fruit not just noni fruit. Taking in too much amount may be harmful; it is not with the noni juice, it can happen with any kind of medicine. So before consuming quantity should be check.

Not good for Pregnant Lady
In an unrelated observation it has found that during Pregnancy and breast feeding it is not good for ladies to consume noni juice because according to a survey it may cause for pregnancy problem and some time cause abortion.


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