History of Noni Fruit - How Noni Juice was discovered?


Noni which is also known as Morinda citrifolia was originated in the in Southeast Asia and then after some time it was distributed in various topical country, naturally or by the different man-made means. It is reported that Ancient peoples were transported these fruits with them at the time of voyages from island to island in the ocean-going canoes as a main ingredient of three food and medicine. The noni fruit has been popular among Polynesians for centuries and it is used over 2000 years ago by the native people of this fruit for They originally introduced the noni plant to Hawaii.

Noni is in the family Rubiaceae, which includes some plants like Coffee, Gardenia, and Cinchona, the quinine tree. It is one form from 80 species in the genus Morinda, spread worldwide through the tropics. Many of these species have origins in the area which are Borneo, New Guinea, Northern Australia, and New Caledonia. In Malaysia it is called mengkudu, in the Pacific Islands it is called NHAO and it is found in all pacific island therefore in Samoa and tonga it is known as Nonu, as NONO in Raratonga and Tahití, and as Noni in Marquises and Hawai islands.

Traditional uses of the noni plant are varied and virtually every part of the plant is used as some form of medicine.Noni juice become available in health food stores and online in the United States and now a days it is widely available in the form of capsules, powders, and supplements. For centuries the Noni plant and its extracts have been used by the Hawaiians and Polynesians to treat arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression and numerous other degenerative ailments. Thus noni is popular from the ancient period and even now a days it is as popular as it was earlier.


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