Noni Juice Dosage


Noni juice dosage may be different for each person as it depends on the health condition of person to person and therefore it should be taken as it would be beneficial for your health. There are various form of dosage which recommended different health according to there disease and health condition. It is best to take 1 oz. of Noni juice on an empty stomach half an hour before you eat in the morning.

A low dosage of noni juice (6-15mg daily for 4-5 days) reduced the formation of DNA adducts by 30% in the heart, 41% in the lung, 42% in the liver, and 80% in the kidney of female rats. Even more dramatic reductions were obtained in male mice: 60% in the heart, 50% in the lung, 70% in the liver, and 90% in the kidney. 

It is suggested that individuals work up to the higher dosages slowly, starting with the maintenance dosage of 1 ounce daily, followed by two daily dosages of 1 ounce and so on until the higher dosages are taken several times per day. At the higher dosages, it is recommended to be under the supervision of a qualified medical practitioner familiar with the properties of noni juice. 

Suggested noni dose is one or two capsules per day, taken with a few ounces of water. Three capsules are equivalent to about two tablespoons of liquid noni juice. A concentrated form of the juice is also available. Noni is often mixed with other fruit juices because of its unpleasant taste.

Typical Dosage of Noni Juice

Following are some dosage which shows how much dosage should take by an individual-

Loading Serving - Adult should take 2 oz .before breakfast and 2 oz before dinner and about child Before breakfast 1 oz and Before dinner 1 oz for one month.

Therapeutic Serving - In this Adult should take Before breakfast 2 oz. and Before dinner 1 oz, children should take Before breakfast 1 oz. and Before dinner 1/2 oz for two to six months.

Maintenance/Prevention Serving - In this for adults it is 1 oz before breakfast and 1 oz before dinner and for children it is 1 oz before breakfast for seven months.


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