Noni Juice FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for Noni Juice


What is Noni and where it is grown?
Noni (scientific name Morinda citrifolia) is one of the most commonly used herbal medicines among Pacific Islanders. It is a tropical fruit and its size is like potato and has a lumpy look with green or yellow color. Noni fruit is the source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidant. Noni mostly grown in Tahiti island where Noni fruit is originated but it grown in the deep, in rich soil with unique combination of rich coral and volcanic elements of pacific countries such as in the cook island.

Why Should I consume Noni Juice?
It improves our immune power, it is beneficial for all ages; it has some short term benefits such as more energy, improved feeling of wellbeing, relief from constipation, diarrhea, skin inflammation, infection etc. and long term benefits like better digestion, increase memory skills etc.

How it is beneficial for all ages?
For man it helps to improve better performance by enhancing the energy and works as protector for regular smokers and drinkers. For woman it provides relief from pre menstrual problems like depression and pain, it improves the texture of skin and shiny hair growth. For child it works as a brain tonic by improving I.Q. For senior citizen it helps to reduce depression, Insomnia & Other Mental Disorders, problem of urinary system and control the blood pressure.

Is Noni juice pasteurized?
Yes, it is pasteurized by uses a flash-heating process because if it is not pasteurized then harmful bacteria will form in the juice.

Is there any side effect of Noni Juice?
No, there is no established side effect of Noni Juice, but it depends on product because some people may experience a mild allergy, which is very rare.

When and How much Quantity should I take?
It’s better to take at early in the morning before breakfast, but You can take 60-90ml once a day half an hour before meals to get optimal effects as a starting dosage. For Maintenance Dose: you should take 20ml once or twice a day. Dosage can be reduced for children and adjusted according to body weight.

What is the shelf life of Noni juice?
Noni juice is packed in high-quality recyclable glass bottle and it can be consume within 24 months from the date of packing. After opening the bottle you should refrigerate the Noni Juice and never put in the plastic bottle.

Can I have Noni juice with my prescribed meditation?
Yes, you can also drink Noni juice with your prescribed medicines. Noni may actually help to improve the efficacy of other treatments or supplements.

Is it safe for Pregnant Lady?
Yes, pregnant lady can have it without any difficulties.

Is it beneficial to take in major diseases?
Yes, it is good for Cancer patent and Aids Patent. For cancer it slower the progress of the cancer and minimize the side effects of chemotherapy and radio therapy. For HIV positive person helps to slower the viral load and prevent and treat skin diseases.


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