Puna Noni Juice - The Pure Noni Juice


Puna noni juice is the pure juice from noni fruits because it doesn't includes any extracts or concentrates of any other fruits. If your juice has added fruit juices, added sugar or is diluted with water, you will actually never know how much noni juice you get. Therefore puna noni juice includes only noni juice itself as an ingredient and therefore puna noni juice is as pure as noni fruits. It is said that puna noni juice is 100% pure.

Different types of Puna Noni Juice

There are various products of puna noni juice which are available in the market are as follows-

Puna Noni Juice - 100% Pure Hawaiian Puna Noni Juice by Noni Connection comes from the Puna district of the Big Island of Hawaii. It is made from handpicked fruit that is naturally aged in the traditional Hawaiian way, a process that takes from 1 to 3 months.

Hawaiian Puna Noni Capsules by Noni Connection - These capsules are made from whole, ripened Noni fruit. Our patented dehydration process retains all the potency of pure Noni juice and 1 capsule is equal to the two spoon of noni juice.

Puna Noni Hand & Body Lotion by Noni Connection, Puna Noni Cell Rejuvenation Soap (Unscented) by Noni Connection.


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