Lemon and lime - Benefits, Medicinal and Health Uses of Lemon and lime


Lime contains vitamins A, B, C, G and rare vitamin P. It also contains various other minerals and acids. The fruit juice is an efficacious remedy in scurvy, anaemia, intestinal disorders, cough and cold, gastric troubles, constipation, fevers, typhoid and high blood pressure. It is a tonic, rejuvenative and refresher.

The humble lemon contains most of the vitamins and minerals. It has magical and wonderful healing powers. It is a citrus fruit. Other citrus fruits are orange, mandarine, tangerine, narangi, musumbi (lime), grape-fruit, grape, and shaddock. All citrus fruits are very rich sources of vitamins A, B and C. They also contain appreciable amounts of iron and calcium.

Lemon or Lime

Prevents and cures scurvy, Hypertension, and cardiovascular diseases: Many illnesses of the aged may be prevented with an adequate intake of vitamin C daily. Particularly cerebrovascular diseases and heart disorders may be largely reduced.

Jaundice: Musumbi juice is an age-old remedy for jaundice. Gastric or peptic ulcer: It is the only fruit juice which can cure gastric ulcer most effectively. Menorrhagia: It is a very effective remedy for menorrhagia. Common cold: Lemon juice or vitamin C tablets taken three or four times daily along with garlic cures cough and cold. Oedema: Oedema of the muscular region produced by vascular decompensation often responds more rapidly when 10 to 33 ounces of orange or grape-fruit juice is given in addition to 500 mg of vitamin C for three or four days.

Prickly heat: Quick relief is obtained by taking a few drinks of lemon juice daily. Shock: To prevent surgical shock surgeons apply ascorbic acid routinely before and after surgery. 500 mg by mouth one hour before surgery to patients of average weight helps to useful in preventing shock and post-operative weakness. Kidney disorders: Narangi juice cures all sorts of kidney disorders. It is a miracle fruit. Contains chemicals that block cancer.

Other benefits of Lime and Lemon

Lemon juice cures menorrhagia, nose-bleeding, hepatitis, gastric ulcer if taken several times daily. Of all foods which have also been used as medicines, lemons are the most commonly known. The custom of using a slice of lemon when eating a fish dinner was originally intended for remedial purposes rather than for flavouring. It was believed that if a fish bone were to be accidentally swallowed during the meal, the juice of lemon could dissolve it. Lemons have been used as a household romedy for colds, rheumatism, sore throat, gastric and liver troubles, headache, heartburn, biliousness etc.

Lemon juice mixed with glycerine is used for chapped lips or chilblains. For constipation, the juice of a lemon as taken in a glass of hot water one-half hour before breakfast. Local application of lemon juice is used to allay irritation caused by bites of gnats and similar insects.

Dr. Fred R. Klenner has described most elaborately the various uses of lemon in his book 'The Key to Good Health: Vitamin C. He has said that lemon juice is very useful in arthritis, cold, hypertension, sun-stroke and menorrhagia.


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