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Can meals and supplements make you smarter and happier?

We all know intuitively that what we eat can influence how we think and feel. Just consider an inconsolable, irritable baby who, immediately after nursing, turns calm and responsive. But exactly what kind, of meals, foods and supplements can sharpen your thinking or lift your spirits-or dull and dampen them?

The 10-question quiz below will test your knowledge of the links between diet, thought, and mood.

The answers on the following pages will untangle what's really known from what's merely conjecture-or just plain wrong.


1. Dietary supplements, such as ginkgo, can help com pensate for normal age-related declines in memory.

True or False? - See memory supplement

2. Dietary supplements, such as St. John's Wort and SAM-e, can improve your mood.

True or False? - See dietary supplement

3. The dietary steps that help protect your heart can also help keep your brain sharp as you age.

True or False? - See heart diet

4. Low intake of B vitamins can cause mental decline.

True or False? - See lack of vitamin b

5. Eating lots of sugar makes kids inattentive and overactive.

True or False? - See sugar and child

6. Cake, pasta, and other high-carbohydrate foods can help some people feel calm.

True or False? - See high carbohydrate food

7. High-carb foods can help you think more clearly.

True or False? - See high carb food

8. Eating breakfast boosts cognitive performance.

True or False? - See breakfast and school performance

9. Eating lunch boosts cognitive performance.

True or False? - See eating lunch

10. Consuming lots of caffeine is a good way to sharpen your thinking.

True or False? - See caffeine and brain



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