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In today's fast-paced world, it's a daily challenge to eat right, stay fit, and generally remain happy and healthy. We're bombarded with conflicting advice about which foods, vitamins, and supplements to choose and which ones to avoid; what methods and machines can help us get enough exercise; and which products and service scan really assist us in achieving our important health goals. Despite all the hype and promises, too often we're left wondering exactly what to do and who to trust in the process.

This Healthy Living section sifts through the clutter in an attempt to provide clear, honest answers. We've compiled the latest articles, surveys, reports, ratings, and recommendations.

Canola Oil Canola Oil
This provides the much needed Omega 3 fatty acids which is vital to the health of the human beings. So start taking Canola in the diet.
Fat Burning Food
Whole Food


Among the key topics covered in Health Living are ways to battle high cholesterol, including increasingly prescribed drug treatments, how to keep your immune system strong enough to reduce the risk of serious illness and disease, and how to stay safe in the hospital.

Eat Healthy STAY fit!!

Maintain the highest hygiene standard - Eat food that is light on the digestive system, taking care to avoid too much spice, oil, etc. A useful way to aid digestion is drinking warm water with the meals. Take especial care to wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly before consuming during monsoon season. Diebetic patients needs to take extra care and not walk bare foot since the soil on which they walk is a reservior of all types of germs.

Don't not consume food that is exposed to the surroundings and for an extended period of time. It may be contaminated by germs or flies which are common during the monsoon. Take care to drink only properly boiled/filtered water. Most of the infections cased during monsoon season are water borne. Stick to mineral water if unsure of hygiene level.

We hope it serves you well.


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