Characteristics of Good Health

The main characteristics of good health are: cheerful appearance, slim and straight waist, firm body, clean and white teeth, sharp appetite: good digestive system, capacity to do hard work without exhaustion, a zest for work, stamina to face hot and cold weather, healthy parts of the body, soft skin, no dryness on the face, no cracking of the lips, bright eyes, sharp eyesight, clean pink tongue, broad chest, no bulging stomach, soft hair, deep breath free from foul smell, dreamless sleep, odourless sweat, refreshed mouth, no frequent spitting or coughing, regular stool, feeling of freshness in the morning, agility, warm stomach, cool head, pinkish nails, etc. Good health is essential to life because only a healthy person can enjoy the blessings of life.

Sitting with bent back is an early invitation to old age. If you press your left foot while easing your bowels, you do not get piles and the bowel movement gets facilitated.

Indiscriminate use of sunglasses is injurious to eyes. It destroys the natural power of the eyes to cope up with bright light.

Laughter: Laughter is the best medicine. It strengthens the muscles of the stomach, stimulates blood circulation and gives exercise to the body.

Indigestion is the cause of pain.

Treatment is not for the disease but for the patient, not for the body but for the vital force that keeps the body going. The light of the inner mind is reflected in the outer world. Those who want the outer world to be better should purge their inner soul.

The greatest healers are: Time, Nature and Patience.

The secret of fitness: A person who does his job with faith in God and renders all his deeds unto Him, conquers all diseases, maladies and miseries of the world and all his wishes are fulfilled. A person who begins to hate himself, undoubtedly comes close to self-destruction.


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