Illness and Diet - What to take as Diet in Illness?

Three sips of water before meals will cool down the heat in the esophagus and stomach. The ill effects of the heat in the food and the pungency of spices will also subside. The mental state in which we eat affects our thinking also. While eating, our thoughts should be pious and Satvik. The food we eat shapes our mind. Every man has in him a bio-clock which plays an important role in controlling his physical activities. That is how we have a cycle of eating, sleeping and waking up. These days man has alienated himself from nature. Human body has a built-in mechanism to keep itself healthy but the man's alienation from nature has a damaging effect on this mechanism.

A disease cannot be totally cured with the help of medicines. , But those who exerciseand restraint in matters of food do not fall sick. If you have wrong food habits no treatment can keep you fit. Food and health are closely related. The more a man knows about foods the healthier he will be. You can keep yourself disease-free if you take food as per your need. Thus, your health with sweetness oflife is in your own hands. Your food will affect your nature or behaviour. Food goes into the making of blood in the body. Defective blood is responsible for several illnesses. Therefore, to keep ourselves healthy we should include those diet items that can purify blood.

Proper care about food brings an improvement in health. In case you fall ill take great care regarding your food for quick recovery or consult a doctor. Healthy diet, rather than medicine, is of special importance. Unless you have a serious illness, you can solve most of the problems with the help of food.

Total health: Take raw foods whether your ailment is old or new. Do away with salt and intoxicants. Take only seasonal fruits and vegetables which are within the reach of your pocket. You have to have patience with this method to feel fully healthy. Wind (Vttta), Bile (Pitta), Phlegm (Kafa) are Bodily


(1) Clear eyes indicate the dominating presence of wind in the body.

(2) Reddishness in the eyes shows bile.

(3) Earth-coloured eyes show phlegm.

It is advisable that:

(1) a man with vata should take sweet", sour, and salty foods,

(2) in case of pitta, he should take sweet, hot and bitter foods, and

(3) in case of kafa, bitter and pungent foods should be taken.


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