Two Main Vitamins in Sweet Potatoes


The sweet potatoes are used to make starch instructions for food merge dry as bone sweet for total vitamins, minerals and Trace Elements Minerals Protein Main Meals Fish are covert to a tasty and crispy summit sugary potato. In vitamins in sweet potatoes two important vitamins that are vitamin A and vitamin C. The sweet potatoes consist of a wealthy collection of extra vitamins and minerals. The both vitamin A and vitamin C are donated to fit vision, skin and hair. The vitamin E one more antioxidant and vitamin B6 includes sweet potatoes.

Some calories are present in potatoes

Following are some calories are present in potatoes:

  • Iron is ten percent
  • Thiamine is eight percent
  • 6 % of the RDA for calcium
  • Beta carotene
  • Well resource of strand

Consuming sweet potatoes offers

Following sweet potatoes consuming offers:

Vitamin A is useful you to regulate your eyes to light vary, like staying your skin recovered. Vitamin B6 to useful you exchange protein into power while it also increase brain purpose. Enhance your resistant method, discourages cubicle injure and construct physically well teeth, cure cut and chewing gum. To control your cardiovascular and anxious method use copper.

To control and manage your circulatory method, increase your aptitude to cure and useful women reduces premenstrual condition for that vitamin E is useful. To carry oxygen in your blood the iron is useful. Manganese to assist you fractures downstairs, glut amino acids and create power by fracture down stout and cholesterol vitamin B1 and vitamin E.

Sweet potato pancakes

Following are some potato pancakes:

  • Scratch keen on 1 ½ inch pieces and sweet potato that is in ¾ pound and strip.
  • Take totally principle flour is two tablespoons.
  • Take two big eggs.
  • Use 2 tablespoon milk.
  • Uses recent soil intersperse and salt.


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