Vitamin K for Skin


Vitamin K is a fat-soluble vitamin. Vitamin K is very useful for the normal coagulation of blood. Vitamin K gives certain proteins bind calcium which is essential for good bone mineralization. The intake of vitamin K is advisable beacause it contains some useful and harmful effects also. So for this the intake of vitamin K for healthy females may be take about 90 micrograms a day and also throughout pregnancy and lactation and for the males may be take about 120 mcg a day. Vitamin K can also play a very important role in your overall facial rejuvenation strategy.

What are the various forms of vitamin K?

Vitamin K1 - This is also called as phytonadione which prepares about 90 per cent of vitamin K. This vitamin is appeared in yellow colour having thick and unscented. Vitamin K2 - This is also called as menaquinones which prepares about 10 per cent of vitamin K. Vitamin K3 is the synthetic form.

What are the benefits of vitamin K?

  • healthy blood and clotting
  • to improve the skin value
  • promotes healing of skin discolorations
  • to protect hip fractures in postmenopausal women
  • vascular problems of the skin
  • bone health
  • to improve the healing and appearance of scars
  • skin imperfections
  • to treat anticoagulant-induced prothrombin deficiency
  • spider veins of the facespider veins of the face
  • for the production via the liver of active prothrombin
  • to protect against osteoporosis

Where does of vitamin K found?

The Vitamin K is found in the verious food atoms which is very important for the our daily life, so they are as follows

  • green vegetables
  • microorganisms
  • lettuce
  • dry soybeans
  • spinach
  • lentils
  • vegetable oils
  • endive
  • chicken
  • egg yolk
  • broccoli
  • butter
  • brussel sprouts
  • chlorophyll
  • cabbage

Vitamin K product

Donell Skin Care - This has the potent anti-inflammatory effects and have the capability to hasten wound protecting and decreases the symptoms of skin aging. Vita-K Solution Super Vitamin K for Dark Circles Under the Eyes - Vita-K Solution for Dark Circles Under the Eyes is an effective remedy that helps eliminate the appearance of dark circles, blotches and uneven skin tones under eyes in just weeks - without expensive skin treatments or surgery.

The use of topical tretinoin and the alpha hydroxy acids may significantly improve photoaged skin in terms of both color and texture. Vitamin K Healing Cream - For all skin types. Excellent for people with thin frail skin prone to easy bruising.


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