Vitamin for Oily Skin


Oily skin is characterized by an over-abundant secretion of the sebaceous gland. The successful treatment of oily skin requires patience, since excessive oil production is a symptom of an internal problem. Make sure your vitamin & mineral intake is adequate. Vitamin A, B-6 and lecithin can be helpful.

Diet & vitamins for Oily Skin

Take a diet rich in proteins but restricted in sugar, fluids and salt.

Take plenty of leafy green vegetables and fresh fruits.

Supplement your diet with B-complex vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin C, zinc and vitamin E. You can also take a high-potency multivitamin. Reduce fats and oils in your diet. Increase your intake of fresh vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

Even a slight deficiency in vitamin B2 can cause oily skin. Nutritional yeast, wheat germ and organ meats provide both vitamin B5 and vitamin B2. Other good sources of vitamin B2 are whole grains, beans, nuts, and royal jelly. Buckwheat, black beans and whole rice are excellent to supply the body with iron and rejuvenate pate skin.

Retin A is an original. Acne fighter and wrinkle improver, it has a special place in the heart of dermatologists.

Nourishing Vitamin B Cream for Oily Skin

Vitamin-B Cream is a highly effective moisturizer and under make-up cream for normal-to-oily, oily, blemished and problem skin

Vitamin & CITRUS FRESHENER for oily skin

- 2 cups boiling water
- 1 vitamin C (a preservative)
- Lemon peel (zest) from 2 lemons

Dissolve the vitamin in water. In a glass bowl put the lemon zest and pour the water over them. Let it sit over night. Remove the zest and put in a spray bottle. You can use any type of citrus peel.

B5 - A miracle cure for acne

Reduces oily skin, provides energy, relieves stress! Works wonders for reducing excessive oil and acne. Vitamin B2 is the most important vitamin for the condition of oily skin and the slightest deficiency of Vitamin B2 can result in oily skin. Drink plenty of mineral water to help keep the skin hydrated and to flush out toxins from the body.


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